Illusion / Masonic Front

He kept millions of people on the edge of their seats in his jaw-dropping performance on Britain’s Got Talent and now he is coming to a stage near you to do the exact same!

The Magic of Sideshow is a unique show that was a 2021 Standing Ovation Award winner! Witness South Africa’s top escape artist and sideshow performer, Li Lau, in his Standard Bank ‘Ovation’ award winning production, “The Magic of Sideshow”. Be transported through the intriguing world of magic and carnival sideshow as you witness daring feats of escapes, insane stunts, and bizarre magic. The show is filled with feats, stunts, and illusions that you have never seen before! Li Lau will take you on a daring journey of the impossible capabilities of the human body and mind. You will walk away with a new take on the possibilities of what the human body can achieve.

Prepare to be amazed as this one-of-a-kind daring magic show pushes all limits! Li Lau’s acts have been defined by The Lad Bible as ‘one of the most daring acts ever televised’ – come along to the show to find out why…


Director / Artist: Li Lau
Producer Brendon Peel


Li Lau is an award winning performer as well as a world-record holder who defies reality by pushing himself to the extremes of his body and mind. Li’s unique acts of escapology, sideshow, and magic gives him the intriguing title of ‘bizarre entertainer’. His acts are always jaw-dropping and are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Li’s biggest claim to fame is being seen by over 20 million people on Britain’s Got Talent in an act that has been described by international media houses as, “The most dangerous act ever seen on BGT”. This unique escape act is one of a kind and is performed by no one else in the entire world! Beyond this and numerous other national and international TV features, Li also has performed at private functions and corporate events all across South Africa for some of the biggest companies in the country. Li has toured his live stage act across South Africa with critical acclaim, stunning sold out audiences across many prestigious venues. His performances are top class, and his latest theatre show ‘The Magic of Sideshow’ ended up winning a Standard Bank ‘Standing Ovation’ award at the 2021 National Arts Festival.

Li Lau has been all over, whether it be on stages, TVs, or social media – Li Lau’s performances transcend every type of platform. He has even been featured on many local and international TV and radio shows, including an international documentary about the art of magic that has aired in 2021. This one-of-a-kind performer continues to grow from strength to strength and is currently a fast growing star on the international magic and illusion scene. Li Lau is guaranteed to amaze and entertain any and all audiences with his mind-blowing feats, stunts, and bizarre magic!

  • Venue: Masonic Front
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: 1A Hill St, Grahamstown, Makhanda, 6139
  • Ticket Price: R100.00
  • Genre: Illusion
  • Duration: 50mins
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Language: English
June 23, 2022   20:00 - 20:50
June 24, 2022   12:00 - 12:50
July 01, 2022   20:00 - 20:50

Sold Out

July 02, 2022   10:00 - 10:50
July 02, 2022   22:00 - 22:50
July 03, 2022   10:00 - 10:50