The Pop-Up Collective Exhibition

a virtual exhibition by the School of Visual and Performing Arts

The Pop-Up Collective is an interdisciplinary collaborative endeavour by the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Music and Visual Arts department (Faculty of Humanities, Nelson Mandela University). Curated by the Director of School,Prof Pieter Binsbergen, the exhibition/performance forms part of the Faculty of Humanities curriculum conversations colloquium titled Learning from our context:  Revitalising and Decolonising the Visual  and Performing arts at NMU. The event took place on the 20th of May 2021 at the Nelson MandelaUniversity.

Lecturers from both departments encouraged a collaboration between music and art students where they were tasked to respond to the theme of the colloquium. The infectious levels of creative energy gave rise to a multisensory experience offering multimodal approaches across the full spectrum of the Arts. In doing so it aimed to highlight and affirm the materialities that underpin the modes of our indigenous knowledge systems which are true to our identity of the Eastern Cape Region.

Genre: Visual Art

Format: Interdisciplinary

Ages: All ages

Duration: 8 – 31 July 2021


Photographer: Dion Nonyane
For more information:
041 504 3293