The Shack

THE SHACK tells the story of Buti and his daily struggles in the immediate and greater environment he lives in, made even harder during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Situated in a densely populated South African informal settlement, Buti is faced with many hardships, from scarce income and employment opportunities to limited access to food, water and sanitary living conditions.

Buti works every day, and yet has no income to show for that work. When the pandemic hits, he is forced to enroll for food parcels to sustain himself.

The piece explores the cruelty of a world where the rich exploit the poor, and their subsequent fight for survival.

  • Ticket Price: R30.00
  • Duration (minutes): 7mins
  • Ages: All
  • Release Date: August 19, 2021 07:00 - September 13, 2021 23:59
  • Language: Tswana



Director: Tebogo Chologi
Starring: Tebogo Chologi

Production Gallery

The Shack



Tebogo Timothy Chologi, aka “Mrembola”, is an auspicious artist born in 1988 and was raised in a village named Magogwe Tlhabologo in Mahikeng. His love for the arts, led him to the film industry.
He wrote, directed and produced Ghetto Situations (2015), Inmate (2015); Mobocracy (2015); One for the Ghetto (2018); Lesedi (2019); and The Shack (2020). Ghetto Situations, Mobocracy and Lesedi were screened at various local and international film festivals. The Shack, besides being screened in numerous local and international film festival, won two awards, of which awards were for Best Director and Best Arthouse Film. In collaboration with other media houses, he further produced the film Caged (2021); directed the film A Plight of an Ordinary Man (2021); and was the Assistant Director in the production of the film Maletsati (2021).
He acted in various film productions, i.e. Never Say Goodbye (2013) as an extra in the role as gangster); Tlhala Ntša! (2015) as the lead role as a husband; Kgaratlho (2018) as supporting role to lead actor as gangster brother; Caged (2021) as the lead role as gangster; and Naptal (2021) as a support role as right-hand man of gangster money-lender. Never Say Goodbye, Kgaratlho and Naptal were, and still is, featured on Mzansi Magic Film Channels. He also participated in drama roles for stage in the 2010 Countdown (2010) as a lead role as a tour guide; and Roped (2012) as a lead role in various changing characters.
He also was very active in dancing in the “PNX Production” that specialized in various dance genres in 2006. As he felt that dance still had a room in his heart he took part in the SABC ONE dance show “Jika Majika”in 2008. His love for dance was combined with his love for poetry whereby he took part in took part in a Native Land Act Exhibition in 2013.
During December 2016 to May 2017 he facilitated filming classes at a film-learnership based Mahikeng SABC through NEMISA. He also facilitated film classes with Ratomillion through NFVF for youth and women in Mahikeng which commenced in April 2021 to complete by end July 2021.

He participated as a judge in the 2018 SAFTA’s (South African Film and Television Awards) which took place at Sun City. He was also requested to participate again as a judge for the South African Film and Television Awards for 2018 films with the event to be held in 2019.