The Solo Ball

Tandile Mbatsha

Mbatsha’s work is currently cantered around the notion and image of emerging. The phrase “Intyantyambo Iyaphuma Engxondorheni” can be translated to describe a metaphor for a flower blooming on infertile land That is the mantra he holds as a method of perceiving the questions, how  are LGBTIAQ+ people emerging from the margins and rules of society? How do queer people conceive joy in a society plagued with hate crimes? How do young LGBTIAQ+ bodies self-actualise? Mbatsha has two offerings on the National Arts Festival, the pre-recorded work features five young people who use monologue and movement to address these enquiries.


Join us for VOGUE NIGHTS at 20:00 on Friday 26 June!

Vogue goes live and online. Tandile Mbatsha will host a live stream ballroom to celebrate Pride Month. VNJ alongside Talent Connoisseurs will announce the categories to participants within the ballroom community, and entrants are invited to enter or participate via a secure Zoom gathering, see the link to join on this page. House members are encouraged to decide which category they will be taking part in, and time, along with dates will be given to each member. Categories are limited to Vogue Femme/Old Way, OTA Face, OTA Runway, OTA Hand Performance. There may even be a drag performance… Judges will be present in the Zoom meeting to judge accordingly using the 10 or chop method, MC Tutu Zondo will be hosting with Lelowhatsgood as the ball music selector.

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  • Genre: Performance Art, Discussion
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 30mins
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 16+
  • Available From: June 26, 2020
Content no longer available.


Executive Producer: Tandile Mbatsha
Creative Director: Zimasile Mjokozeli
Assistant Director: Tutu Zondo
Production Manager: Thandiwe Ngubeni
Videographer & Editor: Elijah Ndoumbe
Camera Assist. to DoP: Baz Bailey

Featured Artists:
– Angel- Ho
– Kgatlelelo Bradley Sikiti
– Ayanda Maphosa
– Mmatumisang Motsisi

Vogue Nights
– Lelo Meslani (Lelowhatsgood) : Vogue Nights Founder and DJ
– Tutu Zondo: MC


Tandile Mbatsha
Tandile is a performance artist, choreographic-activist, educator, speaker, model and scholar based in Cape Town. They have performed at PERFORMA17 Biennale in New York and recently featured in Zoe Modiga’s set at Afropunk. Performed an art installation with Viviers Studio at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and opened for FAKA at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. They have also worked with internationally acclaimed artist Zanele Muholi.
Tandile premiered their work ‘Intyatyambo Iyaphuma Engxondorheni’ at Gavin Krastin’s Arcade, an annual nomadic platform. They seek to break hegemonic notions of existence through the use of performance art to bring about critical awareness of the LGBTIQQ+ community. They identify as a gender non-conforming body living in an intersectional “male” body.

Kgotlelelo Bradley Sekiti
Kgotlelelo Bradley Sekiti is a multidisciplinary artist that has shown his ability to evolve into different disciplines as being a visual artist, a classically trained Ballet, contemporary and Spanish dancer and a DJ. He has been recognised by the Bubblegumclub Magazine as one of the Artists to keep an eye on in 2018 and since then has been proving this by getting the opportunity to be featured in an i-D magazine documentary that celebrated Johannesburg’s born-free queer artists and activists showcasing his performance skills on the Joburg Theatre stages in productions by Joburg Ballet (Carmen by Veronica Paeper) , Johannesburg Youth Ballet’s The Selfish Giant to name a few and as well as a feature in the Cosmopolitan magazine #SayYesToLove issue. His focus is on telling his narrative as a queer black body navigating his way in the city as well as in the township through performance art as well as visual material. He’s a firm believer of educating through art and also finding rehabilitation through the usage of the body. Animosity is one of the themes he keeps in his works so it can be open to any subject for own interpretation and relation

Ayanda Maphosa
Ayanda Nino is a 25 year old photographer, boxer and transgender rights activist based in Johannesburg South Africa. Creating a lot of work around the queer experience and portraiture, you may have also seen some of the photography he’s done at events such as King Tha day, (Thandiswa Mazwai), Afro Punk, DSTV Delicious Festival, Pussy Party and Le Grand Ball.

Mmatumisang Motsisi
Mmatumisang Kgosigadi ya ga Motsisi is director, sex-postive artivist, and performer presently based in Makhanda, Eastern Cape. Her work emerges from an interest in the sexual repression of black womxn, and how it is enacted through a multitude of microaggressions, rituals and practices.

Angel Ho
Angelo Antonio Valerio AKA Angel-Ho is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in videography, sound design, production, composing and performance art. They have performed at numerous music and arts festivals globally as well participating in 2016’s Berlin Biennial and South Africa’s Design Indaba. Musically they have collaborated with the likes of UK’s Hyperdub Records on the debut album ‘Death Becomes Her’ 2018. Pitchfork – “On her full-length debut, the provocative producer also raps, smartly using her voice as a tool in her quest to dislodge gender binaries and power hierarchies.” Angel-Ho questions the structures of gender performance and binaries and plays with them in a way that deconstructs identities categories. They are part of the artists who challenge gender and sexuality through visual and multi visceral performances.