The Wall

Mpotseng Nhlapo and Tholakele Nkala

  • Ticket Price: R35.00
  • Duration: 16mins 59sec
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Dance
  • Language: English

A reflection on the lives of two characters living life in opposite ways. Neither of them see outside of their own secure spaces nor are they interested in the outside world. An invisible barrier between them prevents them from moving forward, it keeps them in one place, one mind. What is this barrier? It is a rather important eye opener, one that calls for both characters to look to the other for help, answers and solutions to break down this barrier. Clearly proving that no one person can live life without the help of the another. Positive change in society begins when each one of us acknowledges social responsibility and acts upon the challenges we come across, together. This piece rethinks the comfort of being an indifferent society and ways we can change that. Speaking out, listening, being heard, stepping into the shoes of another and being serious about working for change in whatever way possible. We create our own barriers the moment we decide to sit down and accept situations as they are, situations that we have the power to change. We are social beings and nothing is ever done. Be willing to see outside of your walls and take a step towards creating a healthier society.

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Mpotseng Braven Nhlapo & Tholakele Nkala

Filmed and Edited by
Focus Gang

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