The Wretched

Gabisile Motuba, Tumi Mogorosi, Andrei Van Wyk

The Wretched is a sonic conceptual/theoretical project which is an interpretation of the written text, The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon (psychologist, revolutionary, intellectual). Award winning  jazz vocalist Gabi Motuba, drummer, and scholar Tumi Mogorosi and avant-garde sound-scape artist Andrei van Wyk join forces to take you on this unique sound journey. Sound is explored through the lens of a shriek, a scream, a moment at the end of the limit of struggle. Theoretically this aligns itself with a history of sonic writing that has been the means to deal with trauma or as refrains of such. This is sound as memory, sound as healing and an experience beyond the limits of frequency.

  • Genre: Music
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 1hr
  • Language: Non-verbal
  • Ages: 14+
  • Available From: June 29, 2020
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Vocals: Gabi Motuba
Drums: Tumi Mogorosi
Soundscape Artist: Andrei Van Wyk
Producer: The Wretched
Photographer: Anthony Kaminju
Production Team: Whoosh Solutions


South African Music Award Nominee, Standard Bank Ovation Award Recipient, Mail and Guardian Jazz Album of the Year, Acclaimed South African artist, Tumi Mogorosi is increasingly building a reputation in the South African jazz scene among the new collective of young jazz musicians and activist/theorist of this interesting time. He recorded his SAMA nominated debut album Project Elo which was released in 2014 and re-released in 2015, by An acclaimed London based Record company (JAZZMAN RECORDS). In 2016, Tumi Mogorosi recorded a duo album Sanctum Sanctorium with South Afrian Vocalist, Gabi Motuba, during his Prohelvetia Residency. The album features the acclaimed Swiss pianist, Malcom Braff whose work is probing and opening new and exciting approach to how the piano is played. He also forms part of Shabaka and the Ancestors band, a musical collaboration with a British artist who is doing extraordinary things in the music scene. They recorded their debut album Wisdom of the Elders which toured extensively in North America and Europe and are in the process of finishing the second recording Album. Tumi Mogorosi is currently completing his masters in fine arts at the University of Witswatersrand.

Andrei van Wyk aka Healer Oran is a Johannesburg-based Experimental Musician and sound artist with focus in sound collage, music and noise. With a free flowing mixture of samples, vocal loops and live instrumentation, his work inhabits an intersection between harsh industrialism, psychedelic melancholia and free improvisational abstraction. He has collaborated with musicians, dancers, visual artists and filmmakers. His most recent works include sound design and composition for artist Simon Gush’s latest exhibition “”Welcome to Frontier Country”” and, “”Ghost Dimensions””, a collaboration with Glasgow-based dance company Project X in 2019. He is also a member of the Wretched with Tumi Mogorosi and Gabisile Motuba.

Gabi Motuba is an award winning jazz vocalist, classical composer and arranger. She was born in small township in Pretoria (South Africa) named Mamelodi, in the year 1992. In 2013, Gabi Motuba was featured as a singer/songwriter on the South African Music Award nominated and internationally renowned jazz album, Project Elo, by the innovative South African drummer, Tumi Mogorosi. The album was released under the prestigious London based Record Label (Jazzman Records) in June 2014. Her latest album, Tefiti – Goddess of Creation, which was digitally released in September 2019 by Rehegoo Music, received a Mzantsi Jazz award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Gabisile Motuba is an innovative young arts practitioner who has collaborated with different artists in the industry eg: The 2019 Standard Bank Young Artist Recipient Gabrielle Goliath. Gabi’s work and knowledge of music and the arts spans far beyond the confines of music.