To The Little Girl Inside Of Me

Venus & Mars Productions

  • Ticket Price: R35.00
  • Duration: 9mins 58sec
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Film
  • Language: English

An experimental short film that tackles the concept of divorce and the effects of divorce on a child. In this film a girl watches as her parents’ marriage falls apart, she tries to call out to them but doesn’t have a voice. Frustrated, she escapes into the placemat set out in front of her and finds herself in a botanical world, in search of her voice and her independence.

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Writer: Jessica Teixeira
Director: Jessica Teixeira
Executive Producer: TyraLee Nel

Editing: Matthew Aguirre
Cinematography: James Yates
Sound Design: Natasha Luttjeboer
DIT: Samantha Sabatelli

Production Design: Siobhan Venter
Costume, Make-up, and Styling: Ashleigh Crawford
Colourist: Samantha Sabatelli