Koko spends the final days of summer packing for college and saying goodbye to friends in New York City when an untimely fight releases underlying feelings about her roots and pushes the teen to fly to her mother’s hometown of Osaka, Japan. Searching for her relatives using only outdated return addresses ripped off decades old letters, the young woman crashes head-first into her total opposite: an intense, ultra conservative uncle… Will she give up and run off to college, or accept him as the first link in a chain of unresolved family history?

  • Ticket Price: R15.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 40mins
  • Ages: 15+
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59
  • Language: Japanese



Director/ Writer: Yusuke Kitaguchi
Cinematographer: Yasushi Kurihara
Producer/ Writer: Alex Iskounen (Algeria & Hawaii)
Producer: Yosuke Kumakura
Lead Actress: Megan Murayama
Lead Actor: Osamu Hirata
Associate Producer/ Co-Lead: BiX
Co-Lead: Ryô Ikeda
Co-Lead: Feeya Asmal (South Africa & Kobe Japan)
Associate Producer/ Co-Lead: Sukaru Tanaka

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The series is directed by Osaka native Yusuke Kitaguchi, whose short film “Baby in the Dark” won the Osaka 48 Hour Film Festival in 2017 and was later screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Director Kitaguchi’s debut feature film “Two On The Edge” is currently awaiting major international film festival selection.

TORINAOSHI was created in response to the rising wave of right-wing hate groups throughout Japan. There has been an explosion in such organizations over the past 5 years. We wanted to address this in an entertaining format that would bring both the left and the right into one story, and hopefully contribute to providing young folks and netizens with a counterbalance to the spread of hate and anti-immigrant messaging.