What if a dance supergroup from the future told you to forget what you knew about the laws of physics and took you on a journey to the stars? In the chaos of a universe born from the big bang, a planet took form. This planet became like a mother to all manner of life that teemed and thrived on her surface. On this world humanity came into being, eventually stood on two legs, fashioned wings out of longing for the sky, and went on to depart the land of its birth, setting out for the vast reaches of space. This is the journey of life as we know it. Representing a new artistic challenge for Japanese performing arts company, enra, Voyager is a concept show in which each piece is interconnected. To date enra’s productions have been presented in an omnibus-style arrangement of different pieces. Voyager has been composed as a cohesive production with minute attention to the details of each aspect of its interpretation. As the title suggests, the story is a journey into the limitless reaches of space, a theme to which enra only alluded in their last production Proxima but now endeavours to realise more beautifully and expressively than ever before.


Presented as part of Creativate Digital Arts Festival

  • Genre: Dance / Digital Arts
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 1hr 07min
  • Language: Non-verbal, with some Japanese lyrics
  • Ages: 8+
  • Available From: June 25, 2020


Tsuyoshi Kaseda
Maki Yokoyama
Saya Watatani
Yusaku Mochizuki
Kazunori Ishide
Takako Morimoto
Aoi Nonaka

Creative Director -Nobuyuki Hanabusa
Music Director -Nobuaki Kaneko
Music – Nobuaki Kaneko, Kei Kusama, PABLO a.k.a. WTF!?, Nobuyuki Hanabusa, Takashi Mori
Motion Graphics – Nobuyuki Hanabusa, Tetsuji Ono, Hidenori Noda, Takeshi Naito (Triple Additional)
Video Producer -Hiroo Kojima (STEADY)
Video Technical Director -Kazuya Tsurukawa (Audio Visual Communications)
Sound Technical Director -Atsuhide Tsukuda
PR – Yukari Nishioka, Yasuyuki Unriin (Kyodo Medias), Ken Hasunuma (DISK GARAGE)
VOYAGER Website – Chiuling Wang,
Associate Producer -Samon Takagi (Empire Entertainment Japan)
Producer – Maiko Doi (Empire Entertainment Japan), Kazuma Sakai (PARADOX)
Executive Producer -Theodore Miller (Empire Entertainment Japan), Maki Tsutsumi (Empire Entertainment Japan)
Production -Empire Entertainment Japan
Production Support – Audio Visual Communications – Meguro Kogei
Special Thanks -Yutaka Toyama (PROMAX), Atsufumi Murata (TV Asahi)
Booklet Art Direction / Photo – Nobuyuki Hanabusa
Booklet Design – Akiko Iyoda
Translation – Alexander Michaelson (Empire Entertainment Japan)
Printing -Hakkou Bijyutsu


Formed in 2012 by the esteemed Japanese artistic director Nobuyuki Hanabusa, enra is a Tokyo-based performance and production company that seeks to create the ultimate fusion of motion graphics and live performance. Combining the skills of dancers with backgrounds in martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, animation dance, juggling and street dance with projected digital art, enra creates fresh stories that explore space, time, and gravity. The unique multi-genre hybrid expression of enra, between real and virtual worlds, has captivated audiences worldwide as the nonverbal universality of their stories engages audiences across generations and cultures, creating instant emotional connections.