We Are Sky’s Things | Artist Walkabout

Exhibition / Tryall Cottage

Astro- and macro-photography draw our gaze into boundless spaces. From a speck in the universe – the Eastern Cape – Marc turns his camera to the cosmos; while Ingrid points hers to tiny earth-bound subjects. The images and mergers between the two hint at powerful forces, infinite scales of time and space, order and chaos, and metamorphic and evolutionary possibilities in our vast universe.

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Artists: Marc Schäfer and Ingrid Schudel
Film soundscape: Jeroen Roffel
Conceptual and curatorial advisor: Mark Wilby


Marc Schäfer is a professor and researcher in mathematics education at Rhodes University, who has always been intrigued by the philosophy of mathematics and how it is best taught and understood. His astro-photography from his observatory in the Winterberg, has fed his fascination with a cosmos that for many is inconceivably vast, yet gratifyingly beautiful. It is through his images that he attempts to understand a cosmos that is seemingly orderly and mathematical, yet also wild, exquisite and explosive.

Ingrid Schudel is an associate professor and researcher at Rhodes University focusing on science and environmental education. Her macro-lens is her companion in scientific explorations: offering precision, detail and clarity to highlight the unexpected and under-valued in the micro-cosmos. She adjusts focus, perspective, compositions and movement in playful recognition of uncertainty, unpredictability and unfathomability … concepts of equal importance to scientific interpretation and representation.

  • Venue: Tryall Cottage
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: Rhodes University’s Professional Development Centre, Tryall Cottage, 19 Somerset Street
  • Ticket Price: R0.00
  • Genre: Exhibition
  • Duration: 45mins
Tryall Cottage
June 25, 2022   15:00 - 15:45
Tryall Cottage
June 28, 2022   15:00 - 15:45