Where the Shadow Ends

Kriyative Theatre

  • Ticket Price: R30.00
  • Duration: 1hr 10mins
  • Age Recommendation: 12+
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Language: English

Where the Shadow Ends is a contemporary interpretation of an epic story. The narrative travels through myths and history and looks at how myths have turned into history and shaped the moral fabric of our society. It explores the similarities between contemporary values and those depicted in different versions of the epic. The play revolves round two parallel stories: one of Sita, the female protagonist of ‘Ramayana’, and the other, of a female actor who works in a theatre company where she plays the role of Sita. The life of the actress, Bhoomi, and the story of Sita have a lot of similarities. Bhoomi’s husband, Raghu, is too preoccupied with work to give her any attention. Bhoomi meets the new actor, Akshay, who plays the role of Ravana. He helps her explore her own potential and develop a more critical view of the epic. He helps her realise that she has other alternatives.

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Script: Shreekanth Rao
Music: Tejas Shankar & Mahesha Swamy
Lights, Choreography, Design & Direction: Veena Basavarajaiah
Devised & Performed by: Laxmi Chandrashekar, Preethi Bharadwaj, Vinay Chandra, Akshay Gandhi


Kriyative Theatre, one of the most popular, bi-lingual theatre groups in the city of Bangalore is known for its creative experiments in theatre. Founded in 2005 by Laxmi Chandrashekar, a prominent theatre person, the group believes in the potential of theatre to facilitate the creation of a better world and is, therefore, engaged in producing plays, which are at once purposeful and artistic.

Veena Basavarajaiah is a contemporary artiste from Bengaluru (India). Shehas worked with renowned contemporary dance companies such as Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company(UK) & Attakkalari (India) and has performed on various platforms across UK and Europe. She has been the recipient of Young Achievers Award in 2007 and is also an empanelled artiste of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Anindependent artiste, she does collaborativework with musicians, theatre, dance companies and multimedia artistes. She is also a dance writer for various online platforms in India and Pulse Magazine (UK). She has done her Masters in South Asian Dance Studies from Roehampton University (UK) . She has published essays on South Asian Dancein various books to her credit. She choreographed a solo for Subhash Vinam Gorania tilted ‘Morphed’ that was funded by Arts Council England. This piece has been performed on various platforms in UK and in the Erasing Borders Festival, NYC.
Veena has recieved mentorship from renowned theatre practitioners like Maya Krishna Rao and Navtej Singh Johar in creating her work titled ‘Maya’ as part of the Gati Dance Residency in 2009. She has worked as an actor with NSD based director Aditee Biswas in her production ‘In-Out-In’, featured at the National School of Drama Theatre Festival in 2010. She has conducted movement workshops for various Bangalore based theatre groups like Our Theatre and Indian Ensemble. She has worked closely with Abhishek Majumdar as an actor and movement director in his production ‘Rizwan’. Having collaborated with many regional and international theatre practitioners, Veena has been exploring a new language in dance theatre through works like ‘Mooki’ and ‘Where the Shadow Ends’. Her theatre-based work has been presented on various platforms across India and received great acclaim.

Shreekanth Rao, an artist at Sva Collective, based in Bangalore, and is working on writing, direction and performance aspects of theatre making. He has received theatre training from Bangalore Little Theatre, Indian Ensemble and Adishakti. He has trained in Carnatic classical instrumental music on the Veena, and in Kalaripayattu at the Kalari Academy of Performing Arts, Bangalore. He has written and directed the Kannada play ‘Naguvaaga Nakku…’ and directed ‘Kaavad Katha – Maya’, a performance in Hindi. As a performer he has worked with Indian Ensemble, Kriyative Theatre and Bangalore Little Theatre. He studied Devising Theatre and Performance at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), London.

Igazi Lase Senqu
Laxmi Chandrashekar has post graduate degrees in English from the universities of Mysore and Leeds (U.K.) She has been active in theatre for five decades and believes in using theatre as an instrument of social change . She has worked with several well known theatre directors in the country and has to her credit over a thousand performances, out of which nearly 500 are solo performances. Her solo plays have been presented at numerous National and Inter-National Theatre Festivals, universities and conferences on women’s issues within the country and abroad. She has also played major roles in a number of popular television serials in Kannada and English. An acclaimed translator, Laxmi has translated several short stories, poems, plays and novels from Kannada into English. She has published academic articles on theatre and literature and won awards for her work in television, theatre and translation. As the founder and Managing Trustee of ‘Kriyative Theatre’, an organization devoted to wholesome, artistic and socially relevant theatre, Laxmi has produced and acted in a number of highly popular plays.

Preethi has been learning Bharatanatyam for the past 17 years under Gurus B.Bhanumati and Sheela Chandrasekhar at ‘ Nrityakalamandiram’. She started performing at the tender age of nine under her Gurus’ guidance. She has performed at various prestigious platforms in India and Abroad. As part of her Gurus’ renowned dance troupe, Bharatanjali’, she has travelled the country extensively to give performances at prestigious venues for group choreography in Bharatanatyam. She has had training in Contemporary Dance from Charles Ma, Shashikanth of Attakalari, Ambili Babu from Kuwait, Prabin Villareesh of KalaiKaviri College of Fine Arts, Nritarutya Dance Trust, Nakula Somana to name a few. She has attended many dance workshops to enhance her skills in different aspects of dance like the playing of the cymbals(nattuvangam), power yoga, nuances of Bharatanatyam, Abhinaya and creative movement under the guidance of well-known teachers of the same. She is a part of Punyah Dance Company headed Shri Parshwanath.S.Upadhye, Bangalore. She is also trained in Yoga under Kunigal Lakshmi and currently training under Mr. Sandeep Manur of “A 1000 yoga” She is also undergoing training in Nattuvangam under Smt.Sheela Chandrasekhar and Vid N Narayanaswamy and has begun her journey towards learning and playing the nattuvangam by accompanying various dancers for their performances.

Vinay has more than 16 years of experience in theatre and more than six years of experience as a professional light designer. He has designed and executed lights for more than 50 plays and dance productions. He is an acclaimed actor and has acted in plays like VenicinaVyaapara (Merchant of Venice),Where the Shadow Ends, Siri Sampige, Respectful Prostitute, SuttikondareSarpa (An Enemy of the People), Gunamukha, DangeyaMunchinaDinagalu and Meghadoota.He has also worked with respected directors like Suresh Anagalli, Prakash Belawadi, PramodShiggaon, Managala N Rao, Dr Shripad Bhat, Krishnamurthy Kavathar, Iqbal Ahmed, Aruna Ganesh Ram, Preetam Koilpillai and others As a dancer he is training in kathak and performs in the dance dramas of Abhinava Dance Company choreographed by gurus Nirupaman and Rajendra. Vinay is a regular Theatre Art- based facilitator and Trainer in various Theatre and Dance schools.

Akhshay Gandhi is a theatre artist &practitioner, performing, teaching & collaborating with various companies, institutions & individuals. Alumni of Saratoga International Theatre Institute, New York and BITS-Pilani, he is recipient of prestigious Tata Scholar Grant and BITSAA 30u30 award. Founder & Artistic Director of Still Space Theatre, India and founding member of Square One Collective, New York his work and practice is dedicated towards contemporary performing arts and bringing stories of various communities to today’s audience. He has performed at various venues in India & USA, including Stanford University, UCLA, Dixon’s place, New York, RangaShankara, Jagriti etc. His recent work includes, Clearing the Rubble(Still Space Theatre), Adam & Evie(SITI, NY), Kaavad Katha (Still Space Theatre), No Place(SquareOne, NY) and next two productions include, Burn My Diaries & #Whatisit (Still Space Theatre).