Graeme College, Templeton Dr, Grahamstown, Makhanda, 6140

Graeme College is a school hall with an end on scaffolding seating rake and a flown box truss for lighting and masking. It is typically preferred for large drama and physical theatre productions. The stage area is enclosed by full black surround. The stage performance area is on the floor and is covered by black painted 6mm plywood. Dressing rooms can be found in two large classrooms with bathrooms. The permanent rear stage is not used for performance, thus may be used as a quick-change area or crossover. There are no shops or restaurants close by, so please consider taking a packed lunch during set-up, dress rehearsals, etc.

  • Storage Facility: Ample storage space can be found backstage.
  • Flying and Rigging: It is possible to hang set pieces from the truss. However, there are weight restrictions. Please consult the Technical Office to find out what is possible. There are no moving fly bars.
  • Staging: 10.8m x 8.5m x 0m
  • Loading Access: 1.6m x 2m
  • Grid Height: 5.8m
  • Download Technical Files