1820 Settlers Monument on Lucas Avenue

The Guy Butler Theatre is a fully equipped proscenium arch theatre with full counterweight flying facilities. The National Arts Festival uses this venue for large dance, music, orchestral and comedy performances. The theatre has full counterweight flying facilities, a full black surround, dance mats, sky cloth, black gauze and a grey BP screen. The theatre has a full side stage on stage left and half upstage to accommodate scenery and rear projection. There are eight single dressing rooms and three chorus dressing rooms below the stage on levels B1 and B2, all heated, with shower or bath.

  • Storage Facility: Ample storage space can be found on side stage.
  • Flying and Rigging: It is possible to rig and fly set pieces from the fly system. Please consult the Technical Office to find out what is possible.
  • Staging: Empty staging
  • Loading Access: 4.4m x 2.7m
  • Grid Height: max 18.67m
  • Download Technical Files