Sky Meets Land – Marlene Neumann


Energy, emotion, and the photographer’s secret chemistry – a profound spiritual outlook on life and photography – combine in the works of Marlene Neumann. Each image explores her connection with nature and the energy of things. Rather than only focusing on what she sees, for Neumann, emotion is an integral part of the picture-making process. The whole of the artist is present, not just her mind. “Photography, for me, is beyond taking pictures – it's about experiencing your life, being here, in the moment.
Neumann has a Master's degree in photography and opened her Centre for Photography and Light ten years ago to be a place of healing, learning and creative energy. Two galleries exhibit her original darkroom range and her new digital black and white collection.
In 2014, she was acknowledged as South Africa’s leading woman photographer in the creative photography category at the Mbokodo Awards. She has written a book, Sky meets land, and produced a video series that allow one to experience and learn from the messages behind her images.