The Lockdown Sunbirds – Roddy Fox


The Sunbird Series started on 27 March and ran on through the days, weeks and months of lockdown that followed. They make an ironic memory of this troubled time because they showcase the freedom and beauty of the pirouetting, soaring, swooping (and squabbling) birds. There were greater and southern double collared sunbirds, amethyst sunbirds, bulbuls and Cape weavers: sometimes sipping alone but at others they were a combative circus. All of the pictures were taken on his stoep in one of Makhanda’s oldest suburbs: Sunnyside. There are 20 prints in the exhibition on his website, some black and white, some colour and many composite images of flight sequences. There is also an A2-sized full-colour poster for sale. He prints on demand at A4 and A3 sizes using archival quality Canon papers and Lucia inks.