Barely There Gems


Barely There Gems are a range of gemstone accessories and silver gemstone jewellery. Their focus is on providing a beautiful, classic product created with beadwork and simple design, concentrating on the natural qualities and beauty of gemstones. Barely There Gems are a unique concept based on simplicity and versatility. The range of jewellery is packaged with information on positive qualities assigned to gemstones throughout history and varying cultures. These beautiful words couple with the loveliness of the gems making Barely There Gems the perfect gift. Most of our gemstones originate in Africa, although they undergo some processing overseas, they are all brought home to be finished and supplied as a proudly South African product. Barely There Gems started as a small business endeavour in 2011. Li Parker-Berg, owner, was teaching at the time but suffered from an acute condition causing her to lose her voice. She had a small creative idea which she experimented with at a local craft market. Barely There Gems are comprised of high quality elements such as genuine gemstones and Swarovski finishes. This gives the product a feeling of luxury and worth, even though the cost is relatively inexpensive. The range comprises a variety of more than thirty gemstones, and a choice of five facet styles. This makes for a wonderful gifting item as there is so much choice. Our ranges include Sterling Silver necklets and earrings in two different styles. Our packaging is unique, we state clearly the attractive positive qualities of the gems and each card includes a specific statement regarding symbolism and a meaning attached to the wearing of the particular gem. Each item is not only a beautiful gift or acquisition but a meaningful keepsake as well. We have a small, happy team of six women, including Li Parker. We enjoy working together in Wilderness in the beautiful Garden Route, in a beautiful setting complete with local observers – Vervet monkeys and bushbuck. We believe the beauty and peace of the surrounding nature is also imbued into our product and that a little of that is shared with every piece that goes out.