J.Beenz Clothing

Clothing and Accessories

At J.Beenz we have a mission to clothe little people with the passion and quality they deserve. To do this we have established our design and production culture in the heart of Cape Town to support local industry and to create carefully considered, alternatively stylish, comfortable kids apparel. J.Beenz Clothing began quite a few years ago and we are proud to say that 2020 is our 28th year at the National Arts festival albeit a virtual one! The Arts Festival has been a pivotal point and a lucrative event in our calendar year from the start.... In fact the National Arts Festival placed us firmly on the map creating our national customer base. Hence regularly the word Grahamstown and lately Makhanda has been and is bandied around the office. As much as we will miss not being in Makhanda this year we do look forward to connecting with our followers online and making magic happen.