Lisas Box

Clothing and Accessories

Lisas Box is a proud South African ecommerce vintage store established in 2019, showcasing the style of a previous era. Its products range from glassware to art, clothing, antiques, enamelware and educational video clips of how things were made back in the day, as well as the fundamental value of that practice. Vintage crystal glasses are made in South Africa, including the double-walled tumblers made from Borosilicate glass, which can withstand very high temperatures. The vacuum between the two glass walls ensures the temperature does not transfer from one wall to the other. The glasses keep the content at the desired temperature, without burning or freezing your hands. Oil on canvas collections are painted by local South African artists, and handwoven handbags are made by South African women. The clothing is rescued and loved by Lisas Box, because we believe that in every town and corner of South Africa vintage has a story to tell.