Spinning Lizzie

Eco-friendly wares

The Spinning Lizzie was invented, designed and patented by Nicholas Neil-Boss, of Sundays River (Cannonville) in the Eastern Cape. The product was launched in December 2019 and like all businesses worldwide came to a grinding halt in March 2020 due to lock-down. "Lizzie" is 100% proudly South African and is produced (injection moulded) assembled and packaged in Uitenhage and is not sold through any retail outlets in order to maintain a realistic unit selling price. 'Lizzie' is circular in shape (hand sized) with a weighted ball encased between two identical halves. Once the ball is set in motion in the track it can be kept spinning indefinitely with minimum effort. The principle is based on centripetal force.

# array of bright funky colours
# good to look at good to hold
# each unit individually packaged
# tough and durable
# unusual and different gift

* stress relief * improves co-ordination, focus and concentration * competitive * its fun and 'addictive'