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2022 NAF Online

‘Alternative narratives are prosecutable’ – Stories that inform the evolution of culture and living

This session explores the intersection between fact and fiction in artistic research

‘How to influence the machines’ – Risk, Investment and Technology

Talking and thinking through how African communities engage with technology with artists

‘Nothing is Concrete’ – Turning the soil beneath

Exploring specific ways in which arts practitioners have ‘reconnected’ with ideas and local knowledge

‘…bodies holding space, space holding bodies…’ – Interruption, Interpretation, Language, Translation

A conversation between artists working with performance and process-driven collaborations

ECPO with Richard Cock | Homeland | Livestream

A fun-filled programme for those who love South Africa, and the great musicians it has produced

Hamlet | Livestream

This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance

Indibano | Livestream

A taste of the most exciting new music from the Eastern and Western Cape
Family  /  Theatre

Moya | Livestream

From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible

Urban Circus | Livestream

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life