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2022 vFringe

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual

A hybrid theatre-film event that combines the best of theatre and film

(femme) NOIR

An emotional excavation of the classic femme fatale character

Along Came Poly

A titillating insight into sexual, cultural, and political taboos

Amazing Adventures of Her Majesty – Platinum Jubilee Edition

An affectionate musical comedy on the world’s longest-serving monarch

And Not A Word Was Spoken

In a post-pandemic world, how do we (re)claim the spaces we share(d)?

ARE MY ENEMIES NEAR 2 ‘Armageddon’

An online music performance around the theme 'Karoo kind'
Film  /  Jazz

Ashanti Tribe

Celebrating heritage and healing with music

Breathing through the feet

I breathe English but I do not live it

Butlers and Babysitters

The Addams Family meets Cluedo


The beating of the drum is heard only by the called

By Jeeves

A quintessential British musical farce
Dance  /  Film

Casted Silhouettes

A poetry and movement film
Film  /  Theatre

Cigarettes After Sex

A short experimental art film which portrays the inner musings of a couple's ill-fated romance


An Afro-centric music experience that includes elements of visual arts and allows the audience to experience music through a canvas (painting)
Comedy  /  Film

Death of a Donut

The Hilarious Murder Mystery Where YOU become a Part of the Show!

Dream, Determination & Vision

It's okay to start over when you've lost your way

Earth Stories

A collection of dance treasures filmed across South Africa

Everything But The Hits

Catchy songs, parlor games, and plenty of laughs with the Brothers Streep

Feeling Pretty

A story of women reclaiming their power


A meeting place of virtual absence through digital presence


A spotlight on society, and politicians’ greed

Leshano (The Lie)

The truth always comes out

Letter To Society

Letter to Society is a story of taking back power

Living your dream

The documentary speaks back to alternative modes for independent theatre-makers to be recognized on state-subsidized stages


The strength and power on an everyday African woman
Film  /  Music

Memory Keeper

A production that stands witness to both time and memory

Mmino wa bana

A musical production
Dance  /  Film

Movement Beyond Borders Film

An artistic response to Covid-19 through movement
Film  /  Music

Mr Keys & the Funky Munks

A combination of original compositions and some fresh takes on standards

My Society

A journey from rage and frustration to becoming the change in society


Be re-enchanted in a world eaten by the terror of its hunger, and believe in love once again
Film  /  Theatre

Out of the Black C

The African roots of Hip Hop
Dance  /  Film

Peter and the Wolf – Locked Down

Who is Peter and what is the wolf?

Reminisce Sins

Where there's a will... there's a relative!


A visual journey charting “the end” or the feeling that it may just be “the end”

The Harvest

A tribute to the spirit of community and goodness


Using food and sex as metaphors to explore social relations

We Could’ve Worked It Out

A young female, an abusive boyfriend, 20-20 hindsight