Sky Dladla, Sisonke Papu, Yonela Makoba, Wezile Mgibe


Exciting new Eastern Cape voices whose work is currently not being presented here:

Victory of the Word is an artist initiated, fundraising and development platform in support of independent artists and arts entities.  Athi Patra Ruga and Lesoko Seabe are co-founders of Victory of the Word.  Three questions which Athi asks artists in residence in Hogsback as part of the BODYLAND residency programme: What do you want?  What is standing in your way?  What needs to change?

Sky Dladla, Sisonke Papu, Yonela Makoba and Wezile Mgibe from Victory of the Word’s inaugural BODYLAND Art Residency, were to be funded to further their work, through the PESP grant.  They were notified of the incoming funds.  They were then notified that due to lack of payment from the National Arts Council, payments are paused.  The impact on their work, their lives, their family’s lives, is not documented here.  The impact on the independent organization hosting and mentoring these artists, is not documented here.

Athi’s response is immediate and clear: He maintains a “victorious stance”.  He returns to thoughts of the artists sharing their work with their communities, he remembers this was always central to BODYLAND, to the artists, and to him.  He will find a way, despite what stands in his way.  He will continue to share his experience and strategies with a younger generation of artists he works with.