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Curated Programme

‘Alternative narratives are prosecutable’ – Stories that inform the evolution of culture and living

This session explores the intersection between fact and fiction in artistic research

‘How to influence the machines’ – Risk, Investment and Technology

Talking and thinking through how African communities engage with technology with artists

‘Nothing is Concrete’ – Turning the soil beneath

Exploring specific ways in which arts practitioners have ‘reconnected’ with ideas and local knowledge

‘…bodies holding space, space holding bodies…’ – Interruption, Interpretation, Language, Translation

A conversation between artists working with performance and process-driven collaborations

12 Labours | Artist Walkabout

Join Gavin Krastin on a walkabout of 12 Labours

Abantwana belanga

A musical photomontage that compels the scrutiny of the artist and audience

Amanda Black

One of the most powerful voices this generation has produced

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | A Conversation with Eria Nsubuga ‘SANE’

An interview the Ugandan-based visual artist Eria Nsubuga 'SANE'

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | A Conversation with Wezile Harmans

Wezile Harmans on his interdisciplinary art practice

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | Healing in the Visual and Performing Arts

Buhlebezwe Siwani, Wynona Mutisi, Viwe Madinda and Sikhumbuzo Makandula discuss healing


A performance intervention and conversation with Oluwatosin Tume and Oluwasegun Quadri

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | Sip’n Art: Creating an Art Space on the Move in Makhanda

Join Viwe Madinda and Juanito Featherstone for an interactive art-making session and discussion
Family  /  Theatre

Betti & the Yeti

A poignant message of acceptance

Bloke & His American Bantu

A deftly-woven tour de force of brotherly love, intellectual banters and politics


Bongeziwe Mabandla - an enigmatic spirit of African Soul


Everyone has a story. This is Bryan’s… a unique mix of musicality, masterful storytelling and quirky comedy

Buhlebezwe Siwani | Artist Walkabout

Join Buhlebezwe Siwani for an Artist Walkabout

Cape Town Opera | Spirituals

A one-hour showcase of uplifting African and African-American spirituals

CCI Economic Contribution & Covid-19 Impact – SACO

SACO conversation on CCI contribution to the economy & impact of Covid-19 on CCIs

Clara Delorme: Double Bill

Two dance performances by Clara Delorme

Criminal Tribes Act: Extended

A candid conversation that developes into an examination of the conflicts between speaker and subject


A dark comedy drama that conducts a ruthless audit of privilege

deus::ex::machina – Human Geography in a Virtual World

A physical expression of human geography, a search for connection within chaos

Distell Playwright Competition 2022: Meet the Finalists

Meet the Distelle Playwright Competition finalists

Eastern Cape Ensemble

Come and witness the Eastern Cape in celebration
Jazz  /  Music

EC Showcase | Dakawa Jazz

4 days of jazz with the Dakawa Jazz Festival

ECPO Children’s Concert

A fun and interactive performance with ECPO

ECPO with CTO | Operatic Chorus | Icons

A rousing tribute to the world’s most iconic opera choruses

ECPO with Richard Cock | Homeland

A fun-filled programme for those who love South Africa, and the great musicians it has produced

Eisa Jocson | Corponomy | Artist Walkabout

Join Eisa Jocson for an Artist Walkabout

Engeki Quest

A ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style walking project


High-energy, high engagement with a whirlwind of saxophone and keyboards


This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance

Hamlet | Livestream

This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance

How a Falling Star Lit up the Purple Sky

A dynamic visual poem that invites a re-assessment of the psychic and geographical spaces occupied by the (Wild) West, and the South

Hullo, Bu-bye, Koko, Come In

A multimedia stage adaptation that weaves together poetry, sound and projection mapping


A taste of the most exciting new music from the Eastern and Western Cape

Indibano | Livestream

A taste of the most exciting new music from the Eastern and Western Cape


Ingoduko is a homecoming… return to yourself and heal with this musical performance

Inkciyo: The Remains

A reimagining of the creative history production, Ukuzazi/Princess Emma

Isidlamlilo (The Fire Eater)

A powerful new one-woman tour de force of SA’s haunted past and present day complexities

iStimela Sendaba

Join the storytrain live with ASSITEJ South Africa

Jazz Umcimbi + Art Exhibition: Visual & Sonic Offering

A multidisciplinary work that engages art as location of our cultural identities and histories


No-one expected the waste management hierarchy to take such drastic measures


Sandra Prinsloo returns in her latest hit production, ‘Kamphoer – die verhaal van Susan Nell’

María Rodés

María Rodés is something absolutely overwhelming and exciting

Marikana 10 Years On | Artist Walkabout

To engage further join one of three walkabouts of this exhibition

Marikana 10 Years On | Marikana and the Law

A discussion which centres on locating the truth about what happened at the Marikana massacre

Marikana 10 Years On | South Africa, Marikana and Me

An inter-generational exploration of the personal and political through people’s connections with Marikana

Marikana 10 Years On | The Living Politics of Mining Affected Communities

A panel discussion on The Living Politics in Mining Affected Communities.


Mnquma tells the story of a man on a quest to reconnect to his roots and reclaim the legacy of his ancestors
Family  /  Theatre


From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible
Family  /  Theatre

Moya | Livestream

From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible

NAC Funding Information Sharing Session

NAC Funding Information sharing session

Ngqawuse [The death of a nation]

A story of love and sacrifice borrowing aesthetics from African ritual, music, songs and dance

One Morning in Gurgaon | Guy Buttery, Mohd. Amjad Khan & Mudassir Khan

A shared appreciation of the musical wonders and landscapes of the subcontinent

Our Ocean is Sacred, You Can’t Mine Heaven | Artist Walkabout

Join the Artist Walkabout for this collaboratively curated exhibition

Passport Blessing Ceremony

Inequality based on citizenship


A choreographic and poetic language to transcend violence

Purgatory- “a working title”

An interrogation of societal imbalances and inequality through movement and sound


Ringo brings you a Spiritual, Rhythmic and Healing journey

Seven Ways to Say Goodbye

A moving journey to finding self

Spanish Steps

Will Maureen and Barry push each other over the edge or can they help each other become unstuck?

SPAZA (Mushroom Hour)

A new suite of music coming out of 3 days of workshopping

The Bhacasoul Experience

The Bhacasoul Experience to heal the soul

The Drowning Eye

Love's "imperfections and perversions" - a play by Frantz Fanon

The Jackal and the Wolf

Based on the age-old fable of Aesop and performed with life-size puppets and masks!

The Sabbath

A series of compositions written for a string quartet by jazz singer and composer Gabi Motuba

The Very Big Comedy Show

The cream of SA’s comedy talent


SBYA for Music 2021 Cara Stacey and Mozambican musician and composer Matchume Zango

Urban Circus

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Urban Circus | Livestream

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Usha Seejarim | Artist Walkabout

Join Usha Seejarim for an Artist Walkabout


Using art to transform dumping sites into something pleasing to the eye

We Regret to Inform You | Exhibition

The space which houses 'We Regret to Inform You' is open for public viewing outside of performance times.