This is an open application process aimed at artists, producers and creative practitioners working across disciplines and genre.  The form invites applicants to submit information about either :

Complete Works (Section A)

Works Currently in Development (Section B)

New Ideas (Section C). 

A Completed Work would include works fully created, which have had some form of public presentation, which are ready or close-to-ready to tour. These can be new or old works. 

A Work Currently in Development includes work currently in the creation stage, and needing further finalisation before the work is ready to present to an audience.

The New Ideas section is for works still in a conceptual stage.

We are largely looking for Completed Works, or Works in Development, for inclusion in the 2024 Festival.  However, we are very interested to hear what ideas you have and we are open to engaging with submissions for New Ideas.

Applicants should not submit more than three applications, the Festival reserves the right to reject all applications if more than three applications are submitted.  Submit your applications through this online form only.  

The National Arts Festival’s Artistic Director and Artistic Committee will review applications with shortlisted works communicated to applicants by COB 03 December 2023.

The deadline for submission is strictly midnight (Central African Time), 30 September 2023. 

Should you have queries about the application form, please contact