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The Centre for the Less Good Idea has continued to merge performance, installation and free-flowing physical experimentation, filmed the experience and shared them with a global audience throughout the lockdown. They present Season 7 co-curated by Phala Ookeditse Phala and William Kentridge which includes an introduction to the hybrid analogue and digital technologies of the Pepper’s Ghost which plays with illusion through live performance and projected recordings. A world occupied by a mystery creature from the mind of Franz Kafka and an avant-garde verse drama by a Soviet playwright is explored further in a live webinar IN CONVERSATION with Kentridge, Mahlangu and Phala. Unlikely characters are the order of the day as Bru and Boegie, bald beings with pointy toes, making the most of their time in this full length 2D animated movie Bru & Boegie: The Movie. As with Kentridge’s work, the appearance of a cat is the only certainty. A PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption protocol is presented by PGPoetry (Pretty Good Poetry) as they explore the political potential of poetry. And if all that alliteration has your mind humming, allow Jill Richards & Waldo Alexander to soothe it with three sonatas to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

Lo-Def Film Factory: Open Time


An experimental WhatsApp video workshop by young creatives from Cape Town made inside their homes and communities during lockdown. Be-Kind-Rewind-style amateur reenactments: low-budget film realness.

RECLAMATIONS – The Conversation

Debate 12:00

Sharing the success of the Tierney Fellowship, which has launched the careers of award-winning African photographers.

isitimela Sendaba – The Story Train: The Lion and the Mouse

Live Storytelling 14:00

11 days, 11 vibrant storytellers bring you a daily dose of African stories to engage and delight! Come journey with us on the ASSITEJ SA story train.

Sakhile Simani


Pepper’s Ghost at the Centre for the Less Good Idea


The Centre for the Less Good Idea introduces audiences to the hybrid analogue and digital technologies of the Pepper’s Ghost, playing with illusion through live performance and projected recordings.

The Bach Cello Suites – Peter Martens


Bach’s six suites for solo cello are profound and sublime. Leading South African cellist, Peter Martens performs the entire cycle.

Heroes and History

Recorded Discussion

Comics creators discuss the importance of comics in telling the stories of famous historical figures at different levels and for different, wider audiences.

Bru & Boegie: The Movie


South Africa’s first full-length 2D animated film.

The Shopping Dead

whatsapp performance 11:00

A normal day at the store turns deadly for a few store employees. A customer with an innocent seizure turns out to be carrying a deadly load. Watch it all unfold through their group WhatsApp chat.


Experimental Short

PfutaPfuta is a curious case of extraterrestrial manifestations in Zimbabwe.

Beethoven 250


Jill Richards and Waldo Alexander perform three of Beethoven’s Sonatas for Violin and Piano, celebrating 250 years since his birth.


SciFi Documentary

What if the internet could dream of itself?


Live streamed performance 11:00

Simon has something in his head. Paul has lost someone. Jigsaw is a reunion of two close friends as they attempt to reconnect, to assemble the pieces of their lives, and to unpack thermodynamics. Free.

Human Study #1 from a distance


Human Study #1 is an installation in which humans took part in online streamed performances in which they were drawn live by robots located in Belgium.

Novel-Script Writers’ Development Project


One starting point, six writers, six days, six short scripts. Readings of short new scripts created during an intensive mentored writing workshop.

Digital Transformation for Artists and Theatre Practitioners

Recorded Webinar

Now is the time to bring your art online. Learn to craft your digital transformation journey so your work can thrive in the online space.

PGPoetry Workshop

Poetry Workshop Recording

PGPoetry workshop is a mix between an algorithmic poetry workshop and a crypto party, celebrating the aesthetic, poetic, and political possibilities of PGP encryption protocol.

Michael Bester


Skilled, cosmopolitan guitarist offering his debut album

Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz – Sisonke Xonti (II)


Urban, erudite, international and skilled, but rooted in his culture