Day Five

Published on 16 June 2020

Artists have risen to the challenge of creating work specifically for a digital environment in highly inventive ways. Screensaver requires your time, infinite patience and a computer mouse. Capturing that time between times in the liminal spaces which stretch endlessly during the lockdown. Just as viscous is the grasp on memory and grief evoked in Unfathomable. Alex Halligey and Athena Mazarakis succeed in capturing the fluidity of grief and the tides and turning of mourning. This award-winning work has been translated from the stage to filmed vignettes that enhance the transparency of the beautifully designed set. Fragmenting, collaging and refiguring are echoed in the Rebirth of Iqhawe as Nicola Pilkington joins Oupa Sibeko to hybridise his Butoh inspired performance to film. In both instances, the filming of the work allows for an additional facet to the initial intention. In a similar vein, Neo Muyanga calls out the roots of the much-loved hymn, exorcises and subverts Making Grace Amazing. Awakening Fanon with the Wretched with a fusion of classical music and jazz is composer and singer Gabisille Motuba, drummer Tumi Mogorosi and sound-scape artist Andrei Van Wyk.