Lit-Fest is one of the biggest literature festivals in the country, and attracts word and book lovers from across the province and country. It is part of the National Arts Festival, a space which encourages discussion, and where literary activity can thrive and blossom. Lit-Fest offers a platform for word artists including writers, poets, storytellers, translators, publishers, editors and book reviewers to share and exhibit their literary skills. It dishes out a cocktail for all literary tastes from book launches, and storytelling, to poetry reciting, book discussions, workshops, and critical discourses on current issues we face as a society.

Each year the department makes a deliberate effort to invite people with high literary credentials, immense experience, and vast depths of knowledge in the field of literature to come and grace the event. This allows for a great deal of cross pollination of ideas, networking opportunities, and information sharing between established and emerging writers.

It is gratifying to note that there is a host of emerging writers who have benefitted from this event. We are also grateful to the high calibre of word artists and writers who have been associated with Lit-Fest. They have contributed tremendously to the quality of discussions and our growth. The wealth of information and knowledge shared by these luminaries is invaluable, and has inspired our word artists in unimaginable ways.

Book launches will occupy a larger space on the programme than previously, as we have many emerging writers who have been published with the help of the Eastern Cape department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.





28 – 30 June 2023
09h00 – 17h00