Enjoy the distinctive jazz music and immerse yourself in the dance culture and traditions of the Eastern Cape in these showcase performances of original and unforgettable talent

The rich jazz legacy of the Eastern Cape has seen this distinctive style claim an important place in the South African musical lexicon. The musicians in this region have long and colourful histories, which span the years of the struggle against apartheid. Songwriters such as the stylistically brave Todd Matshikiza, Victor Ndlazilwana and Victor Ntoni, left behind an exceptional body of work, with musicians of the past – such as pianist Chris McGregor, trumpeter Mongezi Feza, bassist Johnny Dyani and sax player Dudu Pukwana – making an important contribution to South Africa's jazz heritage. Now, the region's jazz stars of the present bring this all bang up to date. Tune in to hear the future of Eastern Cape.