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Mmino wa Setšo: A Series of Lectures

Capricorn and Vhembe, Limpopo Province

lecture series

In 2020, Molepo Traditional Dance (MTD) introduced the concept of a virtual lecture as part of its marketing and distribution strategy for their latest offering, a documentary film: Mmino wa Setšo – A Documentary.

After the inaugural lecture of the series hosted on the 11 November 2020 as a live streamed event, the MTD team decided to rather conceptualise and produce a series of lectures as pre-recorded short films of high production quality.

The lectures focus on the philosophy that underpins the institution of Mmino wa Setšo, the theory of Mmino wa Setšo as can be derived from elements such as song, dance and costume. The lectures are layered in such a way that practitioners (baletsi) interface with the presentation of the speaker by engaging in activities that tell the story from their own perspective in their natural environment.  MTD had planned for all lectures to take place in Capricorn, Mopani, Sekhukhune and Vhembe districts of Limpopo province.

Artistic Director

Mahlaga Molepo


Molepo Traditional Dance


Boramaga Traditional Group

Botsielele Cultural Group

Radzambo Cultural Foundation

Magala a Mohwelere dancers

Mashegoane Molepo instrument makers


Professor Geoff Mapaya

Film Crew

Side Productions

Directors of Photography

Manku Molope

Disthego Mkhonto

molepo traditional dance

At Molepo Traditional Dance (MTD) we understand that in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment requires strategy and flexibility. Since 2015, the use of Information and Communication Technologies has been one of our strategic priorities. Examples of how MTD leverages technology for operations are the cooperative’s website, social media pages as well the marketing and distribution of digital products on virtual platforms. MTD takes pride in the fact that its emphasis on ICTs from earlier days has prepared it for economic, social and political uncertainty. In 2020, we introduced the concept of a virtual lecture as part of our marketing and distribution strategy for our latest offering, Mmino wa Setšo – A Documentary.