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Mwana wa Mvula

Monwabisi Bangiwe and Mkhululi Mabija


Monwabisi Bangiwe and Mkhululi Mabija have joined forces to conceive of this theatre piece for performance on stage as well as to be filmed.  The play confronts issues of healing, both personal and societal, and brings into confrontation a line of generations of rainmakers and influence of Christianity over spiritual practice and belief over generations.  The work spans the spiritual gifts of the ancestors in paternal and maternal lines, and the complex positionalities of young people born into our contemporary layered society.

Bangiwe and Mabija had secured the use of a filming location kindly paid for by the Northern Cape Department of Sports, Arts and Culture for rehearsals, performing and recording.  Unfortunately, despite the Northern Cape department’s generosity and the completion of the project, artists, technicians and film crews have not been paid for their work due to non-release of PESP funds from the NAC.