Phriends with Psychedelics

Phriends with Psychedelics is an art collective comprising of East London based visual artists. We showcase art in its various aspects but with a different perspective. Our work portrays the world in a way that make the comfortable uncomfortable and the uncomfortable comfortable. We shine light on things that would normally be understood as mundane and make them surreal. Our primary objective is to provide a platform for artists to thrive in the Eastern Cape Art scene. We do so by hosting events that fuse visual art, crafts, fashion and music. Each month is an opportunity to see works from different artists and their respective styles and the audience is provided with an opportunity to communicate directly with the artist and inquire about the work.

The exhibitions are held for a period of three weeks, giving members of the community and potential buyers ample time to view and appreciate the works on display. The exhibition will feature a range of
themes, from nature and landscapes to abstract and contemporary art. Each piece has been created with care and passion, and we are excited to share them with the world. As young local artists, we are passionate about bringing art to the community and showcasing the diversity of artistic expression, as well as creating a platform to sell art as a way to support emerging artists.


The Black Power Station


30 JUNE – 2 July 2023
16:00 – 19:00


Phriends with Psychedelics


PHRIENDS WITH PSYCHEDELICS is an art collective dedicated to exhibiting work which portrays Art in its different aspects. The collective has gained experience in curating through their involvement in various art events hosted in East London and around the Eastern Cape. In their respective ways, these artists have become catalysts in uncovering raw talent, pushing the boundaries of fashion and showcasing the taste of the modern artist.

Lungile Nduna says:
I’m a visual Artist. I believe my work is the embodiment of local pop-culture and is a visual expression of the Art scene in and around the Eastern Cape. Obviously my main audience is East London because it is my home after all. I draw a lot of Inspiration from local Artist’s performances, singers, dancers and even other visual arts. I believe that the works I create are East London now,making them to me, history in the making. I suppose I am documenting my Generation, the best way I know how, through my Art.

My work is an echo of my days creating art as a child. Bouncing of hills made of the skills I have acquired over the years. An uncanny valley of prime time kid shows and realism. A blend of dream and focus on the subject. Ultimately this work is an anchored escape from reality. Making use of art and expression as a window into the unknown or better the unexperienced whimsical realm in my mind. This work is my perspective on life, it is the viewer’s escape and peace from the mundane.

Somilangaye Mtiki Is an East London born and raised artist. He started his journey with art by hanging around friends who were studying fine art at Walter Sisulu University. Together they came up with the idea of customising clothing and selling it as thrift and via their social media platforms. Somila was responsible for the business end of things and then one day he just started painting. Since then he has begun his own research on art history and techniques and this has enriched his eloquence in the craft. This collective has been a space that allowed him an opportunity to start exhibiting in and around Eastern Cape, the rest is still unfolding.