The National Arts Festival will take place between 23 June and 3 July 2022.

Artists and producers are invited to submit applications to present work on the  National Arts Festival Fringe in Makhanda in 2022.


Our approach to receiving your proposals to present work on the Fringe has changed. This Expression of Interest form is our engagement with fringe artists and producers. As you know, the feasibility of hosting a live festival will depend on South Africa’s status with regard to COVID-19 regulations. The Festival team is also still establishing what venues may be available for the Festival given the disruptions to the school and university calendars.

This form invites you to express your interest in participating in the Fringe 2022, either live or digitally, and give us some information about what work you are considering presenting on this year’s Fringe.

In response to your Expression of Interest, we will secure venues for the presentation of live work in Makhanda. We understand that the past two years have been challenging for many artists, and for our industry as a whole, and we would like to continue to support everyone to the best of our ability. As a result, please note the following Fringe artists’ costs for 2022.


For artists presenting work in Makhanda:

  • The normal registration fee of R1000 has been reduced by 50%, bringing the registration fee to R500.
  • The venue hire fee has been standardised at R500 per performance. However, a further 50% discount has been applied, bringing the venue hire fee to R250 per performance.
  • Fringe productions will have an average of 5 performances each, with some slight variation.
  • In addition, the ticket sales revenue will be split 90/10 in favour of artists

For artists presenting work on the vFringe:

  • The registration fee this year is once off R150
  • Ticket sales revenue will be split 90/10 in favour of artists

*Please note that these registration/venue fees apply to each of your productions independently, so if you are bringing multiple pieces, you will be charged per production and per event.

The closing date for application for the Fringe programme is 18 March 2022