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Bringing the best of tech + creativity to your screen

Published on 3 May 2020

Creativate Digital Arts Festival, presented by Standard Bank and the National Arts Festival, is back for its third edition. And we’re excited to be part of the new adventure that is the Virtual National Arts Festival in 2020.

This year’s online edition of Creativate will bring the best creative and tech makers worldwide straight into your home. In the Digital Art Workshop series, creative innovators will unveil how to use new technological tools to create dynamic works of art. These interactive workshops will be a space to explore new territories, and to work alongside, get feedback and ask questions from creatives at the top of their industries. Experiments created in these workshops will also feature as part of the programme.

Coding, gaming, film, interactive arts, artificial intelligence, and visual arts collide in the Creativate Exhibitions. Here you can experience how artists use technology to create new ways to explore and experience the creative world. Explore exhibitions where paintings dance and speak, watch films that grant you 360-degrees of vision, and participate in interactive, immersive art galleries.  

If you are enthusiastic about creativity, if technology makes you excited, or if you want a glimpse into the future then make sure you join the virtual National Arts Festival and experience the 2020 programme of Creativate.

  • If you’re an artist, technologist, futurist, animator, gamer, performer or musician who is reimagining, unravelling and questioning the new technological world, submit your project to be part of Creativate 2020.