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Lara Bye on this year’s Main theatre programme

Published on 31 March 2018

Artistic Committee Member Lara Bye the lead curator of the theatre component of the 2018 National Arts Festival. We had a quick chat to her recently about what audiences can look forward to this year.

The Main theatre programme in 2018 is an “incredible reflection of what is happening out there”, she says. There is a lot of cross-disciplinary work, work that speaks to the times as well as to the themes of ‘Silences and Voices’. Bye says she is especially excited about the potential “awakening of spaces” that are not traditional performing spaces.

The Artistic Committee work together with Executive Producer Ashraf Johaardien to create a programme that is reflective of South Africa, and one which aims to challenge and entertain new and established audiences.

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About Lara Bye

Lara Bye is a prolific, versatile and multi-award winning South African theatre director and educator whose work travels extensively locally and abroad. She directs across genres from opera to physical comedy, large-scale outdoor events and more intimate dramas in both English and Afrikaans.

Very committed to growing and developing new South African texts, Bye has worked closely with writers in staging 13 new plays. As a passionate educator, she has lectured widely in theatre and actor training and is now a permanent lecturer at the AFDA Live Performance Department in Cape Town.