Present work on vFringe

In the move to a Virtual National Arts Festival 2020, which was largely motivated by a desire to support artists to earn income and gain exposure, we have created the vFringe, a digital platform for artists to share their work with home-based audiences. The vFringe accommodates a ticketed video-on-demand platform, a visual art directory, a virtual green trading space for crafters, and an advertising space for live events held on third-party platforms.

To participate in the vFringe you need to click here to do an online registration.

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vFringe Video-on-Demand Events

This is where artists can register pre-recorded work on the Festival’s website. We have developed this platform to help artists generate an income for work that is presented online. There is no registration fee to use the platform but all content will be moderated – approvals and rejections will be at discretion of the NAF team, guided by universal online publication guidelines. Content presented on the vFringe platform will be secured and protected from being downloaded, or copied.

Artists can register and upload digital content to vFringe and we will put it behind a payment gateway. When an audience member purchases a ticket to view the content, 90% of the income will accrue to the artist. The audience member will only be able to view the content for a limited time period using a limited number of clicks.

Tickets will only be sold to pre-recorded events hosted on the Festival’s website.

vFringe Live Events

Deadline: minimum of 48 hours before start time of the event

If you want to advertise an event you are presenting on a third party platform such as YouTube, FaceBook or Instagram, you can submit the event link to vFringe and we will advertise it – with a click through link to the event or channel.

For paid events, your audience will pay the service provider as usual – the Festival will not ‘sell tickets’ to these events. We need all the details and a working link a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the event in order to include it as a vFringe presentation.

Read the Quick Guide for live events and VOD submissions to vFringe 2020 [PDF]

Fill in the online submission form

vFringe Visual Art Exhibitions

vFringe Exhibitions provide a showcase to enable visual artists to exhibit their work where Festival audiences or viewers can experience a user-friendly virtual exhibition.

Artists are provided with a page where they can display some of their artwork in a digital exhibition format. The Festival does not provide e-commerce facilities, but viewers wishing to commission or purchase artwork can click through to contact details, artists’ websites, and social media accounts.

Registration to participate is free of charge – artists need to complete the participation form and submit images and other details that will appear in their virtual gallery. Work will be pre-moderated to ensure that images comply with universal guidelines for online presentation. The vFringe platform is a protected platform and, as such, images and other content will not be able to be downloaded. For complete security artists may also use watermarks to protect their work.

Virtual Green

The Virtual Green gives makers, creators, re-sellers and traders the opportunity to showcase their wares. Not only that, but Festival audiences can get their annual shopping fix in the digital stalls of the Virtual Green.

Sellers are provided with a page on which to display their goods and list their contact details, as well as links to their retail portal (if applicable), website, social media accounts etc. The vNAF facilitates the contact between buyer and seller through the provision of contact details but does not provide e-commerce facilities. Any transactions and communication between the trader or artist is undertaken independently of the Festival.

The vNAF facilitates introductions between the Craft and Design Institute (CDI) and creators / makers participating in the Virtual Green.

There is no fee charged to participate in the 2020 Virtual Green.