Dance / Great Hall

My people have been roaming around like scavengers collecting crumbs to survive in a land they once called home. Our tongues have been cut for our language is ridiculed to the point of being perceived unworthy to preserve. We are like legendary creatures existing as a myth for our tales are twisted to the point of being white washed for without mentioning him you can not mention us, the Khoisan, the people…For our story is intertwined with the settlers but history untold has proven that our existence exceeds their timeline for before them there was us.

This is a piece that describes the struggles and the victories of the Khoisan, they are not heard and understood, not even taken into consideration and there is so much knowledge from them that they carry with grace and honour. Through Location we embody their culture, we are trying to reach where they can’t reach. Location is the voice for the Khoisan.


Concept by Flab April
Choreographed & Directed by Flab April
Written by Sindisiwe Motshwene
Mentored by Phumlani Nyanga


Flab April born and raised in Sebokeng, South Africa in 1988. Having grown up in the Vaal he was exposed to the arts, and his curiosity in the cultural and creative industry was sparked. Throughout his life Flab has always been fascinated by expressions of creativity and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. He was particularly drawn to the Performing Arts. His interests were cultivated during his teenage years at Khwela theater production and further developed when he opted to take dance and choreography learnership at CDT 2007. He received special training in dance and drama at Gomacc in partnership with Moving into Dance 2009.

Lesego Nomso Monala is a 21-year-old dancer from Sebokeng. Monala started school at Mojalathuto Primary and progressed to Tokelo Secondary. Monala has been a dancer at Creative Minds Performing Artists since 2017, and dances for change. Monala performed in Obituary, choreographed and directed by Flab April(2018), Help Me and Oppress the Oppressor, choreographed by Flab April, and Invention Ramaisa, directed by Flab April and Bongani Mashinini. Monala has participated in the Luthando Arts Academy holiday programme, and won a bursary to study at Fame Academy (due to unforseen difficulties did not attend). Monala also performed in a play under the belt written and directed by Skhwenene Dlamini 2021, and recently performed Through Me and Location at Gomacc.

Lerato Sello
Lerato Sello is 19 and was born and raised in Vereeniging. Sello started school at Elite Primary School and progressed to Tokelo Secondary School and matriculated in 2022. Sello started a career in the arts in 2014 in a production called The Eccentrics directed by Mpho Maisa and joined Creative Minds Performing Artists (CMPA) in 2019 under the director Flab April. She then performed poetry at Mafatsane Hall in 2020 and later that year at an artist Friday hosted by CMPA.

Bulelwa Ramba
Bulelwa Ramba is 19 and was born and raised in Sebokeng, and started school at Jabulani Thabang Primary School and progressed to Esokwazi Secondary School and matriculated in 2021. Ramba’s artistic career started in 2013 with a
production called dinatla TSA Setswana directed by Moleboheng Motshweneng and joined another production called creative minds performing artists in 2018 directed by Flab April. Ramba started performing Location in 2019 at Eldorado, and 2020 at mafatsane hall.

Mpho Maisa
Mpho Maisa was born and bred in Duncanville and is currently living in Sebokeng. She is a 24 year old female who is
driven and has a passion for the arts. Her artistic journey began in the year 2017 under her own production company named ‘thee Eccentrics’. In the year 2019 she started working under the production company called Pen on Paper Arts
academy as an Actress. She has performed in various competitions as well as shows performing both Poetry and Theatre namely, Ishashalazi Festival, Black Roots. She got a role in a play called ‘Graveland’ written and directed by Thembeni Joni which got a chance to play in Pretoria (State Theatre). She then got a role in a Film called ‘Maru a Pula’
Directed by Sam Leburu. Mpho Maisa was led by numerous directors and creatives namely, Bongani Mashinini, Flab April and Sam Leburu. She continues to strive and find more passion in being a creative in all aspects of the art industry. Mpho Maisa is a force to be reckoned with. A leader.

Sindisiwe Prudence Motshwene is driven by the words of Ntozake Shange “ I found God in myself, I loved her, I loved her fiercely”. Perfoming art found her in 2003 in school plays and poetry perfomances for district level. In 2018 after taking a long break from the arts she joined a production called Total Tranquility and in 2019 she co-wrote a script titled “Moment of Silence” and that is where her love for scriptwriting grew. She went on to perform in a show by Bongani Mashinini Parables of a black man in 2019. In 2021 she played in play by Modesana Mabala in partnership with Assitej titled Lehe Lakganyapa and in 2022 she wrote The bar that was perfomed in Shashalazi festival. In 2022 she got to be part of Monde Mayepu’s scriptwriting and directing program The write stuff. In 2023 she took part in a short course provided by Drama for life and Wits in Play back theatre. She then performed at Black Roots Players hosted by Mbongeni Bodlane. She is currently in a play called Still by Olivia Fischer, directed by Isaac Isaiah Sithole.
Sindisiwe Motshwene continues to grow her love and calling for the arts.

Mapuleng Annah Mohosho
Mapuleng Annah Mohosho was born in 1982 in Sebokeng where she was raised. She completed her matric in 2000 at Tshepo -Themba High School. Mapuleng started her journey in the arts as a performing artist in 2009 in theater portraying
sharpville shooting (Massacre) directed by Gamakhulu Diniso. She played the leading role. In 2009 Mapuleng developed an interest in dance, joining Martha Dance company and performed the magic of dance directed and choreograph by Tumelo Matitoane, performed at the Mphatlalatsane theater. In 2011 she performed at dance umbrella choreographed by Obed
Shongwe, performed Through Me choreographed by Flab April and Invention Ramaisa in 2018 directed by Bongani Mashinini. Creative Minds Performing Arts, Location performed at Ishashalazi theater and dance festival Roodeport Hall, it got nominated for Best Production and Best Promising Production. In 2019 she performed at Dance Manyano Anniversary
celebration Soweto theater and in 2021 performed Afrika festival Johannesburg theater. Simba Advert Luthando Arts Academy in 2021. Performed Through Me at Basetsana script writing and workshop camp in 2022. Performed Through Me at 9 th annual amazing women arts, Facilitator dance workshop at Eldorado Arts center along side Dr M.Sindo and Lizo the
musician. Mapuleng is a dance coach and fitness instructor at Creative minds performing artist, a stage and costume management. In 2023 she performed at Ishashalazi and motjeko festival and won 1st place.
Mapuleng Mohosho is a definition that hard work does pay off.

Lethola Japhta Maduna
Lethola Japhta Maduna was born and bred in Sebokeng and currently resides at Sebokeng in Kanana location. He got bitten by the Performing Arts bug in 2009 while studying at Fundulwazi Secondary after a friend of his took him to a drama rehearsal. In 2011 he joined Thembalethu Theatre Production in which he learnt basic skills in “drama, traditional and
kofifi dance”. After 2 years in development of the arts he joined Flab April’s Shlangene Dancers where he was taught Afro
fusion and contemporary dances. A year later joined Khwela Theatre Production where he got linked to Cultural Development Trust (CDT) and Maison dela danse in which he studied dance course (Afro Fusion and Intro to Ballet dance) which focused on modules like “Teaching Principles, Movement Formation, Dance Technique”.
While exploring all the learning he taught himself how to write and recite Poetry. He is a an aspiring Writer, Dancer, Actor, Poet, MC, Content Creator and an emerging Director and Choreographer.

Eugene Masangane
Eugene Masangane is a professional Dancer (Kofifi, Pantsula and Afro Fusion) who hails from the township of Polokong in Sebokeng. His artistic journey began in the year 2015 under Polokong Youth Development Center led by Tsounyana Makau, he later joined Vaal Talented Manouevres (VTM) under director and mentor Lethola Japhta Maduna in 2018 where he obtained basic skills for Afro Fusion dance, Acting and Spoken Word Poetry. He was awarded as the best dancer for both the Kwasukela Sukela Schools Arts Festival by Khwela Theatre production and at the Best Dance Crew by Movement of Soul “MOS” both in 2019. He has been featured in a Poetry ensemble work by VTM which perfomed at the Gauteng Ishashalazi Theatre Festival 2019. In 2021 he was part of Luyanda Sidiya’s IQUNGA” and Oppress the Oppressors by Invention Ramaisa (2022).

Tshepo Thokwane
My name is Tshepo. My surname is Thokwane. I was born in Sebokeng on the 23 of June 2004. I spent my childhood in Sebokeng. At the age of 8, I was introduced to the Art industry as a Dancer. I made good progress as I was investing
most of my time dancing. I finished school in 2022, and I’m still looking forward to improve my skill as a Dancer.

Morena Mphuthi
Morena Mphuthi was born and raiesed in Sebokeng and joined Creative Minds Performing Artists in 2022. Morena started performing with Creative Minds Performing Artists on a production titled Location, choreographed by Flab April at the South Corridor festival-Civic Theatre Vereeniging Provincial festival-Midrand community hall.

Karabo Nyakale
Karabo Nyakale was born and raised in Sebokeng, and was introduced to the arts at Creative Minds Performing Artists as a junior dancer and started performing with Senior in 2022 for Ishashalazi South Corridor festival, with a dance piece titled Location, choreographed by Flab April.

Malebo Malebo
Malebo Malebo (aged 19) was born and raised in Sebokeng, and started school at Tlholo Primary School, progressed to Kgokare Secondary School and Matriculated in 2021. Malebo started being an artist in the year 2018 for a production called Creative Minds Performing Artists directed by Flab April. Malebo’s first performing dance piece was titled Location (Mafatsane Hall and 2023 at Ishashalazi Motjeko at Civic theatre and Ivory Park Hall).

  • Venue: Great Hall
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: Prince Alfred Street, Grahamstown, Makhanda, 6140
  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Programme Type: FRINGE
  • Genre: Dance
  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Ages: ALL AGES
June 25, 2023   10:00 - 10:45
June 28, 2023   12:00 - 12:45
June 29, 2023   18:00 - 18:45
June 30, 2023   18:00 - 18:45
July 01, 2023   14:00 - 14:45