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The Drill Hall Anti-Gory Arts Advocacy Programme

Keleketla! Library


The Drill Hall is located in a city block nestled between De Villiers, Twist, Quartz and Plein

Streets in Joubert Park, Johannesburg.  Between 2004 and 2015, an active futuristic and model use of ‘heritage’ sites took place in the Drill Hall and surrounds, first by the Joubert Park Project (2004 to 2009) and Keleketla! Library (2008 to 2015). While Keleketla! Library left the site on an ethical exile to King Kong building, they have been involved in a protracted diplomatic engagement with the provincial and municipal agencies and offices to restore the Drill Hall as a site for arts, heritage, social welfare and cultural production for the city of Johannesburg and beyond.

Keleketla’s advocacy has not been only diplomatic and boardroom-bound, since 2014 their advocacy work has defied catagorisation and challenge how advocacy can be sensed and felt.

As part of PESP funded works, Keleketla! Library was to produce an advocacy essay film – a call to action document.  On hearing that the NAF has still not received its awarded NAC funds, the Keleketla team disengaged with the NAF, stating that they had already committed themselves to their own creative team, and would struggle to honour their commitments with the uncertainty of the delivery of contracted funds from the NAC.