Trackside Live 2021, raw and uncut backyard concerts

Mambila Mageza


Trackside Creative is an independently run art hub in Soweto promoting live music, electronic beat-making and urban visual art culture.  It has been a home away from home for artists to imagine, create and collaborate and produce outstanding bodies of work.

For the NAF with NAC PESP funding, Trackside Creative conceptualized performances by some of Soweto’s most revered musicians performing live and on site in an intimate and socially distanced setting.  Trackside Live 2021, a raw and uncut backyard concert was intended as a 3-part programme running over 3-weekends.

The project has not yet started and has been paused.  Artists had the initial optimism of being informed of funds available for their project for only a short time before they were notified that due to non-payment by the NAC, the project would not be able to take off.