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The irrepressible Prof. Crackle now puts the ball in the participants’ court. He challenges you to use this final hour to bring any and all of the skills and techniques that you have discovered over the last two days to create your own digital story in your working groups.

There is no workshop video for this session, rather this is your time to create!  Participants should gravitate to any specific area they feel most comfortable with, if someone felt most comfortable playing a character, then they should lean into that, if someone felt most passionate about being behind the camera then that is what they should focus on.  It’s most important to work as a team, create and have fun. Each group has an hour to discuss, create, rehearse and shoot their digital artwork.


Anything and everything the participants think they might need.


Exercise One:

  1. In your groups of five…
  2. Decide on a story, theme, idea, or concept you and your group want to explore.
  3. Each decide on the roles you’re going to play (behind the scenes and in front of the camera).
  4. Be aware that with only five people, you might have to do many things- i.e. make costumes as well as act, as well as contribute to the soundscapes and puppetry etc.
  5. Focus on the things you feel most excited about, and the things that brought you the most fun.
  6. Your video should not be more than 2 minutes long.
  7. You have an hour to make your digital artwork. Create, explore, rehearse, shoot, watch, laugh, reshoot, edit and have fun.
  8. Don’t be too precious. Allow yourself to be silly, and creative and adventurous.
  9. Go get em!
  10. Upload your completed video onto the National Arts Festival website, click here

Remember to complete the information about who made the video and which school you are from.


Mongi’s career is an autodidactic galaxy of skills that orbit around narrative and image. The focal point of his abilities is writing, with directing as its natural companion, along with concept creation, choreography, performance, and researching as necessary support skills.

In 2015 his play ‘I See You’ premiered at the Royal Court in London, the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town and the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A highlight of his career was working with the UK based director Danny Boyle (2015), along with an array of world-famous actors such as Nicole Kidman and Benedict Cumberbach.

He also worked with Manchester International Festival, developing a new play with Idris Alba and artistic director of the Young Vic, Kwame Kwei-Armah.