Reflections on Humanity

Here, technology is used as a storytelling tool to capture and tell stories that reveal the inner workings of humanity. Pause and take a moment for yourself with Screensaver or enjoy the short experimental films from Lo-Def Film Factory – providing some much-needed ‘open time’ from the grief, fear and panic of the current moment. Question ideas around land and community in 360 films Azibuye – The Occupation and Lagos at Large, and join King Debs in the mourning of the loss of culture and nature in the 360 CGI film Thlago. Participate in the WhatsApp performance After Gods Own Heart and consider your ideas around morality and judgement, or take part in online performances with Human Study #1, and reflect on your own humanity as robots draw your portrait.

Lo-Def Film Factory: Open Time


An experimental WhatsApp video workshop by young creatives from Cape Town made inside their homes and communities during lockdown. Be-Kind-Rewind-style amateur reenactments: low-budget film realness.

Screen Saver

Net Art

A visual poem in which you can feel time flex beyond the constraints of seconds and minutes. This work is a love poem to the screen saver – a net art throwback to an old technology.



A commentary on loss & grieving and the processing thereof within the current epoch and a reflection on the debilitating feelings of powerlessness.

Azibuye – The Occupation

360° Film

A stereo 360 documentary about two homeless black artist/activists who take up residence in a crumbling mansion, vacant for 20 years, in an affluent part of Johannesburg.

After God’s Own Heart

Whatsapp Performance 18:00

What wouldn’t you say to secure your afterlife? Join this interactive multilingual WhatsApp performance directed by Palesa Matabane. Free

Lagos at Large

Short 360degree Film

History, colonialism, growth, nostalgia, decay and transformation collide in this introduction to Lagos, as three characters mould the identity of their megacity and where they belong in it.

Human Study #1 from a distance


Human Study #1 is an installation in which humans took part in online streamed performances in which they were drawn live by robots located in Belgium.

Introduction to 3D Animation in Blender

Digital Arts Workshop 11:00

An introduction to open-source software for animation and visual development, followed by a practical animation exercise using free 3D computer graphics software toolset, Blender 3D.