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Ark of Arts

Come and celebrate Ark of the Art's 7 year journey
Music  /  Workshop

Quantum Creativity Workshop

Msaki facilitates a creativity workshop
Music  /  Workshop

NgoMa Technologies | Instrument Building Workshop

Create an instrument that resonates and heals
Film  /  Music

Beyond The Digital Return

This Concert Film is part of the Beyond the Digital Return Project

Ingoma yoHadi

A production that features poetry and centres themes of human experience

A Conversation in Honour of Madosini

A gathering of those who loved and appreciated Madosini
Exhibition  /  Music


Two free shows with Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble & Thandeka Mfinyongo

Jazz Umcimbi

Engaging music to locate histories and identities of the Nguni people


Sharing oral traditions and traditional music

Return of the Cypher

A showcase of the Eastern Cape's hip-hop scene

Sunset Meditation with Amaza Sound Journey

Amaza Sound Journey

Unique sound journeys using therapeutic instruments

Eastern Cape Showcase | Dakawa Jazz 2023

4 days of music from Eastern Cape artists

Banned From The Land

Healing through intuitive creation of music and song

The Muffinz

A great night out, with good food and music

Emandulo Kwela Maqaba

A reimagining of ubuQaba through fashion and song

World of Art Movement

World of Art Movement

Giving voice to the voiceless, through soulful music and poetry

Zamani n’Abanengoma

A collection of Mpondo music mixed with original songs
Jazz  /  Music

Little Giants

The Little Giants was established by Ezra Ngcukana and George Werner
Jazz  /  Music

Stellenbosch University & UKZN

Jazz students show the reason they took jazz as a career
Jazz  /  Music

Paul Hanmer Solo Piano

A legendary South African composer and pianist
Jazz  /  Music

Jam Session I

Let's see where the evening goes
Jazz  /  Music

Jam Session II

Jam sessions are integral to the development of Jazz
Jazz  /  Music

Babalwa Mentjies

A selection of loved jazz and South African standards
Jazz  /  Music

George High, Maritzburg College & St. Cyprians

Three jazz bands perform a range from swing to Afro jazz
Jazz  /  Music

Jam Session III

A predetermined ensemble of musicians sees where the evening goes
Jazz  /  Music

Natalie Rungan

Natalie Rungan's music is shaped by her musical heritage
Jazz  /  Music

Outeniqua (George) & Stirling (East London)

Self-composed music and interesting arrangements of classic charts
Jazz  /  Music

University of Pretoria & UCT

Join Jazz UP and an ensemble from the UCT Music School
Jazz  /  Music

Jam Session IV

A predetermined ensemble of musicians collaborating to see where the evening goes
Jazz  /  Music

National Schools Jazz Band

A small ensemble of the top school jazz musicians in the country
Jazz  /  Music

Youth Jazz Vocal Celebration

A celebration of school and university jazz choirs and vocal soloists
Jazz  /  Music

National Youth Jazz Band

A selection of the top young jazz musicians in the country
Dance  /  Music

Kgeru Ya Morula Cultural Ensemble

North West Cultural And Creative Industry Incubation Hub t/s Redcap Production

An immersive experience, seamlessly blending music, dance and storytelling
Jazz  /  Music


Guitarist Mageshen Naidoo collaborates here with Swiss bassist and composer Eva Kess
Jazz  /  Music

Kesivan Naidoo Big Band

Kesivan Naidoo returns to ‘the festival that started it all for me’
Jazz  /  Music

Nomadic Orchestra

Infectious, high-energy dance music
Jazz  /  Music

Adrian Mears Sextet

Trombonist Adrian Mears has lived, taught and performed in Europe since 1991
Jazz  /  Music

The Magic Number

Old friends with a potent chemistry weave a diverse musical tapestry
Jazz  /  Music

Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers

The musicians not only play their instrument, they ARE the instrument itself
Jazz  /  Music

MearsMombelliNaidoo – Trio United

Three musicians with a magnetic connection to sound
Jazz  /  Music

Mombelli’s Chamber

Music that is made of time enfolding us in timelessness - David Coplan
Jazz  /  Music

Reza Khota & Tara Sarter

Guitarist Reza Khota teams up with saxophonist Tara Sarter
Jazz  /  Music

Darren English

Multi-instrumentalist Darren English returns to Makhanda

Vusi Nova

Don't miss this award-winning Afro-soul star

Ami Faku

The Voice of Modern Afro Soul
Dance  /  Music

Eastern Cape Ensemble


A tribute to Latozi "Madosini" Mpahleni

Ndu Mdleleni

Ndu Mdleleni Productions

Afro Pop, House Music, Afro tech, jazz, Soulful Music

KWANTU – In Concert

KWANTU Designs

Music for the soul. Rooted in love.

Kingswood Pops

Kingswood College

An Open Air Production showcasing incredible talent
Music  /  Spoken Word  /  Theatre

IMIZWA (Feelings)

Sondiya Music & Luyandza Academy

A musical journey through life's experiences
Music  /  Theatre

The Sister’s Ugly

Twist in the Tale Productions

The Cinderella Story from the Ugly Sister's perspective
Music  /  Theatre

STOP! #ArtistsAgainstGBV Musical

Salamende Ntsomi Foundation

The stories of those who have been forgotten and silenced

Embo Time Travel Experiment


A sonic work that explores personal and collective healing through sound
Music  /  Theatre

I am still here

Wela Kapela Productions

None of them is perfect but somehow, they hang in there
Music  /  Theatre

Elton Adams

Wela Kapela Productions

Elton is shy but when he sings, he transforms into a super hero!

Bawo Khusela


A musical performance of uplifting songs from Msaki’s catalogue
Music  /  Theatre


A musical picture of a complex man
Music  /  Theatre

Damsel in Distress

Wela Kapela Productions

Funny, lighthearted with a twist in the tail

The Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble | Free Performance

Witness the internationally recognised Ngqoko Women's Ensemble!

The Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble

Witness the internationally recognised Ngqoko Women's Ensemble!
Music  /  Theatre

MADHOUSE (the last hour)

Sondiya Music & Luyandza Academy

A last opportunity to prove that creativity will always prevail
Jazz  /  Music

Iladi: A Thanksgiving Meditation In Two Movements | 30 June

A heightened level of spiritual awareness through sound.
Jazz  /  Music

Iladi: A Thanksgiving Meditation In Two Movements | 28 June

A heightened level of spiritual awareness through sound
Music  /  Theatre

Mad About the Boys

Wela Kapela Productions

Stylish entertainment at its best!
Music  /  Spoken Word

Set Free


Join Yveslight and Joza Primary Schools Choir
Music  /  Theatre

The Story of Eva Cassidy

Wela Kapela Productions

A singer who was discovered too late

Amy Winehouse The Diva and her Demons

Wela Kapela Productions

The brief life of this once in a generation talent
Music  /  Theatre


Wela Kapela Productions

Auditions aren't for the faint of heart!
Music  /  Theatre

Julie Andrews – Uncut

Wela Kapela Productions

The fascinating history of an icon from the golden age of Hollywood.

Eh Letha (4 The People)

Asakhe Cuntsulana

A hope inspired narration from the African harp

Iva Collective Presents: Turning Tides

Ivanya Yethu Heritage Foundation

Soulful artists with a unique sound
Music  /  Spoken Word

A Cozy Experience with Zikhona

Cozi Entertainment (Pty) Ltd

An intimate live music event
Family  /  Music

The BPYO Family Concert


Explore the magic of the orchestra!

Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in Concert


Performing two gigantic works in the Orchestral repertoire!
Art Talk  /  Exhibition  /  Music

ReVisiting OtherWhere | Walkabout

An architectural visualisation of a haunting within a reimagined room
Music  /  Theatre

Elite of 1952 in Duncan Village

Gompo Arts Centre

The true story of Sister Aidan Quinlan


5099 commission

047 brings you a live experience!

Undead Generation


A shape-shifting musical collective

Iconic Divas

Best of Both

An unforgettable tribute show of key iconic divas!

Piano Classics

Best of Both Concerts

A classical concert to remember!
Dance  /  Family  /  Music  /  Spoken Word

The Story of Fire

Selah Liberty Joy

Circus meets Theatre. Entertainment meets Art. Fire meets Heart.
Music  /  Spoken Word

Tackling Societal Issues Through Art

Cinga Dyala

Soulful music and poetry
Dance  /  Music  /  Theatre

Iingoma Zomngqungqo – On a Road with Yakha Mlali

Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts

A sacred gift of music to the Afrikan people

On the Flip Side

Can of Worms SA

Authentic, original South African music suitable for all ages
Music  /  Theatre

Ripe ‘n Ready

A solo drag-cabaret-burlesque extravaganza
Dance  /  Music  /  Spoken Word  /  Theatre

Nkgo Ya Mosadi


Dance, music and story telling
Dance  /  Family  /  Music  /  Theatre

Afrika Sings!

Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts

A vibrant and colourful musical celebration leaves you wanting more!
Dance  /  Music  /  Spoken Word  /  Theatre

Ntyilo Ntyilo (Umhlengikazi)

University of Zululand Creative Arts Department

There’s trouble in the land and then there's us.
Family  /  Music  /  Theatre

Shrek The Musical JR

Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts

Beauty is in the eye of the ogre!
Comedy  /  Music

Stand Up People

Stand Up Mbu Pty Ltd

Happy Hour One Man Edition

Fulcrum live


Familiar music with a deeper timbre
Music  /  Spoken Word  /  Theatre

Dear Tata: What Makes a Man a Man?

Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts

Dance, music and poignant story telling



Wilderness: A suite for flute, violin and jazz trio
Dance  /  Music  /  Spoken Word  /  Theatre

The Orange Dress

House Of MUPODAVI & Amandla Dança Teatro ZA

Below scars we are beautiful

(Re)visions: Megan-Geoffrey Prins in Concert

Megan Geoffrey-Prins

A solo recital of piano works that subverts art music hierarchies