1820 Settlers Monument on Lucas Avenue, on the second floor.

Olive Schreiner is a screening venue in the 1820 Settlers Monument. It is ideal for video, immersive audio-visual productions or lectures. The venue has no windows and full darkness can be achieved. It has raised, lecture-style seating and a carpeted presentation space on the floor in front of the screen. A podium is also available.

  • Storage Facility: There is very little storage space in Olive Schreiner. You may leave larger set pieces on the side stage of Guy Butler Theatre. Please arrange this in advance with the National Arts Festival Technical Office.
  • Flying and Rigging: It is not possible to fly or hang scenery.
  • Staging: 12.4m x 5.5m x 0m
  • Loading Access: 1.1m x 2.8m
  • Grid Height: 5.38m
  • Download Technical Files