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Urban Circus | Livestream

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Hamlet | Livestream

This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance
Family  /  Theatre

Moya | Livestream

From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible


Matchbox Double Bill: Jikijela & What do you think the birds are doing?
Film  /  Theatre

Old Soul Waiting

One woman. Two personalities. Which woman do we believe?

Going to Fetch Kathy

The story explores the legacies of colonialism and Apartheid in public spaces

I Stand Accused

The vulnerability of a young man left to mend his heart when his mother dies


A show of immense vitality, sadness and humour, Asinamali! makes for compelling theatre

We Could’ve Worked It Out

A young female, an abusive boyfriend, 20-20 hindsight

Ngqawuse [The death of a nation]

A story of love and sacrifice borrowing aesthetics from African ritual, music, songs and dance


A war cry for the soul
Music  /  Theatre

Maiden Voyage

A newly appointed space captain must navigate her way through the galaxy in this comedy sci-fi musical

African Son

The story of the repatriation and reburial of the remains of Moses Kotane

The Grave

A young boy's life unravels when he meets bad company

Xa Bekutheni?

Remembering Nosicelo Mtebeni and other GBV victims in South Africa


An expressive musical theatre show, highlighting social issues


Inspired by the story of 437 miners who died on the 21st of January 1960


The sacrifices that people make for a life insurance policy
Film  /  Theatre

Cigarettes After Sex

A short experimental art film which portrays the inner musings of a couple's ill-fated romance
Film  /  Theatre

Out of the Black C

The African roots of Hip Hop


Young people find themselves helpless in a troubled community


Two middle-class suburban adults prepare for a big protest


A theatrical reflection of Covid-19 pandemic woes


Are the real reasons behind our struggles rooted in apartheid?


“We used to fear our oppressors, but now we fear our own children.”

Johnnie Motsamai

Sacrifice and suffering has become the order of the day

Lockdown Blues

An original pacy satirical cabaret-style performance pertaining to all things lockdown
Film  /  Theatre

The House of Shadows

Can you help Johnnie escape the House of Shadows?

His TEN Fingers!

“Let my love... be heard”


A reflection on our abnormal psychological battles with our own realities

Julie Andrews Uncut

Julie Andrews, a self-made woman with a complicated past


An exploration of missed conversations and how they change the future
Family  /  Theatre

IQHUDE a reawakening of people of the land.

A reawakening, a time to remember who we are - the people of the land.


An all-women production questioning inequality and intolerance

Phinda Ubuyele

Generational trauma, regression, and survivor’s guilt through the eyes of siblings

Conversation with God

They believe they have it all figured out, but a surprise changes everything

Just Different, Not Less

The true story of JR Nkosi, an autistic self-taught keyboard master

Ghetto The Musical

A musical theatre piece exploring life in the ghetto

My Weight and Why I Carry It

A dark comedy exploring the limitations of anti-fatness


A multimedia cabaret telling the story of Vincent Van Gogh

The Crime Scene

The impact of absent fathers
Family  /  Theatre

Betti & the Yeti

A poignant message of acceptance


An exploration of gender based violence from the perpetrators' perspective

Hiding in the dark

A one-woman show relevant to all audiences

The Gukurahundi Genocide

A play premised on the Gukurahundi genocide


A terrible lapse results in a drug-fueled crisis

The Children’s Monologues

Monologues of grief, loss, love, friendship and bravery


The struggle of living on land you don't own


This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance


No-one expected the waste management hierarchy to take such drastic measures

Guilty as charged

Two love birds end up with their hearts broken


Everyone has a story. This is Bryan’s… a unique mix of musicality, masterful storytelling and quirky comedy

Malope Indigenous Theatre

The journey of Kgosi Malope, King of the Batswana Tribe


The beating of the drum is heard only by the called

By Jeeves

A quintessential British musical farce

My Society

A journey from rage and frustration to becoming the change in society

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual

A hybrid theatre-film event that combines the best of theatre and film


Desperate behaviour becomes the norm in Vimba Squatter Camp


A light-hearted theatre piece for all ages

Ends with Tears

A theatre production about Gender Based Violence and its root causes

South African Pieces

South African Pieces aims to increase awareness about child abuse

Tears Of The Creatives

The challenges of being an artist


Has the day of the ancient prophecy arrived? Can King Langa save his nation?


Caught between expectations and the heart's desire

Molao Theo “The Bill Of Rights”

A 22-year-old college student seeks protection against the law

The Ward Councilor

It's a dog eat dog world!


An exciting metatheatrical experience of grief spiralling out of control


Doomed by war, Vuyo and Dumi relive the battlefield daily

The cracked vase

A tragic love story - will Siwelele and Zwelibanzi find their way back to each other's arms?

River of Tears

Her gift helps women in all sorts of ways

Punching Bag

A didactic play which speaks about the atrocities of gender based violence


Sandra Prinsloo returns in her latest hit production, ‘Kamphoer – die verhaal van Susan Nell’

Inkciyo: The Remains

A reimagining of the creative history production, Ukuzazi/Princess Emma
Family  /  Theatre


From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible

Criminal Tribes Act: Extended

A candid conversation that developes into an examination of the conflicts between speaker and subject

Urban Circus

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Isidlamlilo (The Fire Eater)

A powerful new one-woman tour de force of SA’s haunted past and present day complexities


A dark comedy drama that conducts a ruthless audit of privilege

The Drowning Eye

Love's "imperfections and perversions" - a play by Frantz Fanon

Spanish Steps

Will Maureen and Barry push each other over the edge or can they help each other become unstuck?

The Story Of Eva Cassidy

A remarkable story told by a remarkable performer

Hullo, Bu-bye, Koko, Come In

A multimedia stage adaptation that weaves together poetry, sound and projection mapping

Bloke & His American Bantu

A deftly-woven tour de force of brotherly love, intellectual banters and politics

Bhuti is the Beast

Teens take to the stage to tackle gender-based violence and sexual abuse